archeology studentsUHP students: do you have an idea for an amazing summer experience, but have no idea where to get funding? The Fellowship Advising Office seeks applications for its Enhancement Grants, which  offer up to $5,000 to fund your original concept for a summer experience participating in inquiry-, creativity- and discovery-based learning.

Possibilities include but are not necessarily limited to funding for:

>  Independent research projects (domestic and international).

>  Unpaid or minimally paid competitive internships.

>  Entrepreneurial ideas pertinent to your goals.

>  Independent service-learning projects (domestic and international).

>  Coursework outside your NC State curriculum that is necessary for you to fulfill your academic and professional career goals (e.g., particular language skills).



>  Full-time student at the time of application.

>  Preference is for students in their first or second year of college. Third year students are eligible if their proposed project enhances their competitiveness for a national fellowship or prestigious graduate program.

>  3.25 or higher GPA for first and second year students; 3.5 GPA or higher for third year students.

Applications are due March 16th, 2012 and can be found online here.


For more information and for an application, please contact:

Dr. Tiffany L. Kershner

Coordinator for Distinguished Scholarships and Fellowships

main line: 919.513.4078 e-mail:

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