The mission of the Honors Village is to create a community of young scholars which is engaged in societal issues; provides opportunities for growth; and is grounded in critical scholarship.

The Honors Village is an active and engaged community of students at NC State. Whether you are a student who lives in the Quad, or a UHP student living elsewhere on or off campus, we invite you to take part in the life of the community. Listed below, you will find the major student organizations in the Quad, as well as how to connect with each one. All of the events and activities are listed in the Calendar section of the blog.

If you have questions about the Village, as a whole, please contact Brian Peters, Community Director for the Honors Village.


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Cultural Exploration Society

The Cultural Exploration Society seeks to explore the concept of culture in its multifarious dimensions. In particular, it seeks to investigate how research, scholarship, and knowing is influenced by and emerges from cultural, social, and personal histories.


Public Scholarship Society

The Public Scholarship Society investigates the relationship between the academy and society. In particular, it seeks to understand and explore the role, scope, and implications of research and scholars within the wider context of society.


Quad Area Council (QAC)

The mission of the Quad Area Council is to foster a sense of community and family within the Quad residential area through policy and programming throughout the academic year.


Research and Inquiry Society

The Research and Inquiry Society seeks to examine the nature of the research and discovery process across multiple disciplinary frameworks and ways of knowing.


Sustainability Committee

The mission of the Sustainability Committee is to create and promote projects which explore and challenge the environmental, economic and social sustainability of current practices in the Honors Village and NC State.