blackboard.previewThe UHP Academy (UHPA) debuted in Spring 2013 with three student-taught courses: “The Written Democracy,” “Societal Perceptions of Gender and Sexuality,” and “Success and the Self.” If you are a current UHP student and would be interested in teaching a UHPA course in Fall 2013, now is the time to start developing your course! 

Guidelines for course development can be downloaded here. 

Ready to propose your course? Fill out the UHPA Course Proposal form and turn it in at the UHP front desk.

For more information, contact Aaron Stoller, Assistant Director for the University Honors Program

What is the UHPA? 

The UHP academy (UHPA) is an internal designation for Honors courses which are taught by students, for students. Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, UHP students teach semester-long S/U courses to other UHP students on topics that matter most to them. The UHP academy offers students an opportunity to teach and learn from each other, while receiving University Honors Program credit.

UHPA is a course system internal to the UHP at NC State. This means that UHPA courses are NOT credit bearing courses at NCSU, and will not be reflected on a student’s academic transcript. However, UHPA courses DO count for credit toward requirements of the University Honors Program. Students may earn a maximum of 3 UHPA credits, which will be counted toward the 12 required HON seminar hours.

Student-instructors of UHPA courses may earn up to 3 credits of HON 298, with one credit earned during the preparatory phase of the project, and two credits during the semester in which the course is taught.

Course development criteria:

UHPA courses are intended to be thematic, short-courses which allow UHP students to explore an area of interest in more depth, or gain knowledge in an area outside of their course of study. Student-instructors are encouraged to be as imaginative as possible with their course topics. At a minimum, UHPA courses must be:

  1. developed around a common theme or topic, rather than a survey or introductory course
  2. unavailable as an offering anywhere else in the NCSU course catalog
  3. taught by two UHP student-instructors



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